This picture shows a variety of transmitters and receivers available at Australian Automation Innovation. They can be used to control automatic garage doors, work site communications and wireless networking.

Transmitters & Receivers

Commonly used for the garage door & gate industry remote control & transmitters make ease of access possible into your property. They can also be used to operate a multitude of other things such as your Front door, Garden lights, Alarm systems or just about anything you would like to operate by remote control. 
We support a wide range of transmitters
* Pendant / keyring 2 & 4 button transmitters (Range approx 30-40m)
* Long range multi channel / multi button transmitters (Range approx 1km) 
Matching Receivers (Stand Alone & Plug-in)
* Single & dual channel receivers to suit ATA, B&D & FAAC transmitters
* Long range multi channel receivers to Elsema range (up to 16 channel)

Elsema 915MHz Long Range Multi Channel

Elsema 915 MHz Long range multi channel transmitters & receivers
* Single channel transmitter / Single channel relay output receivers
* Two channel transmitter / two channel relay output receivers
* Three channel transmitter / three channel relay output receivers
* Four channel transmitter / four channel relay output receivers
* Eight channel transmitter / eight channel transistor output receivers
* Twelve channel transmitter / twelve channel transistor output receivers
* Sixteen channel transmitter / sixteen channel output receivers

ATA & B&D Transmitters & Receivers

ATA & B&D Transmitters & Receivers 
* ATA PTX-4 Blue 4 Button Transmitter
* ATA PTX-5V2 4 Button Transmitter
* ATA PTX-6V1 4 Button Transmitter
* B&D TB-6 Grey 4 Button Transmitter
* B&D TB-6 Red 4 Button Transmitter
* ATA / B&D FHCRX-1 Single Channel Receiver
* ATA / B&D FHCRX-2 Two Channel Receiver

FAAC Transmitters & Receivers 433Mhz

FAAC Transmitters & Receivers
* FAAC SLH XT2 Two Button Transmitter
* FAAC SLH XT4 Four Button Transmitter
* FAAC 2 Channel plug-in receivers (Suits most FAAC controllers)
* FAAC 2 Channel add on / Stand-alone receiver


I-Key Transmitters & Receivers with Weigand

I-Key Transmitters & receivers for use with Weigand AC Systems
* I-Key Two Button Transmitter
* I-Key Four Button Transmitter
* I-Key4 Four channel receiver 
* 4 Channel data output (Up to 4 doors)
* Convert existing card reader into remote control system
* Maintain full user data log tracking of each transmitter
* Full programmable Facility coding & Transmitter Numbering