Controllers are mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical devices which form the foundation of automated systems. They receive and interpret inputs, and react according to their specific programming.

Electronics & Controllers

Electronics & controllers to suit standard applications or can be adapted for use in custom applications.
Simple & advanced PLC controllers that can be integrated into applications of controlling multiple drive systems.
Controllers for gate drive motors through to daylight savings 24/7 timers & smart relay trigger modules. 

Programmable Logic Controllers
PLC Controllers & software
Gate Controllers
Swing & Sliding Gate Systems
Timer Modules
Daylight Savings Timers
Programmable Trigger Relays
Trigger input relays 

Integration Features
* Programming 
* Single & Dual drive systems
* Auto Close Functionality
* Partial Opening Functionality
* Safety device integration
* Programmable outputs
* 24vDC, 240vAC, Systems
* 3Phase Systems

Supply Only Products & Kits.
* Supply only controllers
* Pre-assembled & configured kits
* Pre-fitted accessories. 
Professional Installation.
* On-site consultation.
* Project installation services.

FAAC Gate Controllers 

Gate Controllers to Suit Domestic & Commercial Gate Automation
* E124 Advanced Gate Controller
* E024 Standard Gate Controller



ATA Gate Controllers

Automatic Technologies Australia Gate Controller Systems
* ATA DCB-05 Gen2 Gate Controller
* ATA CB6 Controller 


Boom Gate Controllers

Advanced Boom Gate Logic Controllers
* FAAC B680H Boom Gate Control Board


Industrial Gate Drive Systems

Single Phase & 3 Phase Gate Motor Drive Systems 
* GDSA Single phase gate Controller
* GDSA 3 Phase Gate Controller
* Inverter Driven 3 Phase Controllers
* Inverter & VSD Variable Speed Drives


Grasslin 24 Hour Daylight Savings Timers

2 Channel Fully Programmable 24 Hour Daylight Savings Timers
* Blue Tooth Connectivity
* LAN Connectivity
* 2 Relay Outputs
* 30 Program Options
* On-board push Button Programming or App Based Programming
* 12/24v AC/DC
* Din Rail Mount

Presco CT1 Series 4 General Purpose Timer

General Purpose Trigger Timer 
* 12/24v DC Operation
* 4 Selectable Time Ranges
* Accurate Time Selectable Rages  (No Pots)
* Relay Output


Safety Devices & Speciality Vehicle Detection Systems

Reflective Infrared
Photo Electric
Through Beam 
Phot Electric
Focused Active
This R-GAGE QT50R-AFH Radar Sensor can be set up to detect obstructions within a specified distance range, ignoring any objects in the background.
Time of Flight
Laser Sensor
Dual Field
Laser Scanner
Microwave &
Induction Ground
Loop Detector

Access Control Systems

Our card reader systems offer scalable access control systems controlling up to 500 doors and 60000 users. Our systems are inclusive of software, programmed fobs and cards and all system components.
Smartphone automation - PalGate access control systems
This picture shows a variety of transmitters and receivers available at Australian Automation Innovation. They can be used to control automatic garage doors, work site communications and wireless networking.
Advanced Card Reader
Access Control System
Mobile Phone App
Access Control System
Transmitters & Receivers
Long Range Transmitters & Receivers

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Example – Boom Gates Repair and Maintenance

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