These boom gates create a secure checkpoint to this private property. Our boom gates can control traffic in a variety of scenarios including car parks and factories.

Boom Gates and Automatic Barrier Systems

Our products range from basic low cycle boom gates to an advanced fully programmable high cycle barrier.
Beam lengths range from 2 metres to 8 metres with either single piece or modular section beams & LED Lights.
Combine our barriers with our extensive range of safety & activation sensors, Access control systems,
Long range remote controls & switching devices will complete any project requirements. 

High Quality Brand Names

Italian Made & Engineered
German Made & Engineered
German Made & Engineered

Supported Accessories
* Articulated Boom Arms.
* Boom Arm LED Lights.
* Integrated Loop Detectors.
* Integrated Traffic Lights.
* Folding Skirts.
* Folding support legs.

Supply Only Products & Kits.
* Supply only barriers.
* Pre-assembled & configured kits
* Pre-fitted accessories. 
Professional Installation.
* On-site consultation.
* Project installation services.

FAAC B680H Boom Gate

Designed for high traffic high cycle applications.
* Heavy duty construction 
* Beams lengths 2 to 8 metres
* Operation time 1.5 sec to 6 sec
* 24v Low Voltage Hydraulic Operation
* Advanced Logic Controller
* 6 Programmable outputs
* 2 Part construction – Inner HD chassis & removable outer cover

The FAAC 614 Series Boom Gate / Barrier is designed for light commercial applications. you can choose between round and rectangular beams and other optional accessories like LED kits.

FAAC B614 Series Boom Gate / Barrier

Designed for light commercial applications.
* Heavy duty construction 
* Beams lengths up to 5 metres
* 24vDC Low voltage Electromechanical Drive
* Integrated flashing light


With maximum beam lengths of 6 metres, the Tousek Boom Gate / Barrier is designed for heavy duty traffic applications.

Tousek Boom Gate / Barrier

Designed for high traffic high cycle applications.
* Heavy duty construction 
* Beams lengths 2 to 5 metres
* 240vAC Electromechanical Drive



Sommer Boom Gate / Barrier

Designed for light commercial applications.
* Heavy duty construction 
* Beams lengths up to 5 metres
* 24vDC Low voltage Electromechanical Drive
* Integrated flashing light
* Aluminium Housing 


Replacement Boom Arms & Parts

* Replacement single piece beams
* Replacement 2 part modular beams
* Old style beams to new style beam conversion kits
* Spare parts for current & discontinued models

* Supply only parts
* On-site service & repair services

Discontinued Models Still Supported with Spare Parts

This picture shows off the sleek and innovative design of the Genius 724 Boom Gate / Barrier.
The Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate / Barrier has a heavy duty construction and is designed for medium duty traffic applications. The maximum beam length is 6 metres and you can choose to have this boom gate professionally installed
The Genius Spin Series Boom Gate / Barrier
Genius 524 
Boom Gate / Barrier
Genius 724
Boom Gate / Barrier
Stagnoli Daphne
Boom Gate / Barrier
Genius Spin Series
Boom Gate / Barrier
Contact Us For 
Spare Parts
FAAC 615
Boom Gate / Barrier
FAAC 620
Boom Gate / Barrier
FAAC 640
Boom Gate / Barrier

Safety Devices & Speciality Vehicle Detection Systems

Photo Electric
Through Beam
Photo Electric
Focused Active
This R-GAGE QT50R-AFH Radar Sensor can be set up to detect obstructions within a specified distance range, ignoring any objects in the background.
Time Of Flight
Laser Sensors
Dual Field
Laser Scanner
Microwave &
Infrared Scanner
Ground Loop

Access Control Systems

Our card reader systems offer scalable access control systems controlling up to 500 doors and 60000 users. Our systems are inclusive of software, programmed fobs and cards and all system components.
Smartphone automation - PalGate access control systems
This picture shows a variety of transmitters and receivers available at Australian Automation Innovation. They can be used to control automatic garage doors, work site communications and wireless networking.
Advanced Card Reader 
Access Control Systems
Mobile Phone App
Access Control System
Transmitters & Receivers
Long Range Transmitters & Receivers

We are Australia’s number one choice for Boom Gate Supply and Installation

At Australian Automation Innovation, we are experts in boom gates and automated accessories installation. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry, something that promises our customers of nothing but superior quality automation products and services. Furthermore, our services are spread across Australia, including all major cities and rural areas.

Other reasons why we are considered one of the best boom gates suppliers in Australia include:

-We have a full team of technicians, electricians, data and access controllers etc. that can complete any boom gate installation job

-We supply and install boom gates for residential, commercial and industrial customers

-Our boom gates supply and installation services are reasonably priced

-We assure customers of 100 percent satisfaction

Boom Gates Repair and Maintenance

Our team of experts is always ready to take on any boom gate repair job. Whether it’s the electronic control panel, the padlock fixing points or LED lights that have a problem, we can fix your barrier system just in time for you get it back to operation.

Automation of access points for homes and commercial properties is something that comes with many benefits. Aside from tightening security and enhancing safety, automation increases convenience in terms of getting into and out of your property.

For quick, professional and reliable boom gates installation, repairs or maintenance service feel free to contact us now. You can reach us via 0418 758 to request a free quote or ask more about our service.

Our Service Areas

Melbourne – Sydney – Adelaide – Hobart