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Automated systems are reliable and low-cost technologies that are growing in popularity in Australia. These automation systems are largely used to enhance security and monitor people and vehicles getting into and out of properties. This technology becomes especially useful for commercial properties requiring restricted access for security or safety purposes. From gate automation to car park boom gates, through to building doors and access points, automation systems can literally be installed anywhere within a property for seamless access control.   
As one of the leading automation system providers, Australian Automation Innovation (AAI) is committed to providing customers with the latest automation solutions for effective management of your property or work site. We specialise in supply, installationand maintenance of high-quality boom gates, barriers, bollards, CCTV systems, sensors and more. Contact us to learn more or find out more about our company

Latest News

Palgates new range of Spider Devices now combine 4G & BlueTooth technology.
Eliminates 4G network drop-outs & enables near-by open features.
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Use your Smart Phone to open your doors and gates from anywhere or near by.

Product Development

Coming Soon in early 2024
LPR (Licence Plate Recognition)
Being released soon LPR camera systems.
Systems that can be used for:
* Caravan Parks 
* Storage facilities
* Car parks
* Many other applications

Specialised Vehicle Detection Systems

Vehicle detection can sometime be hit & miss with comventional PE beam (photo electric) type sensors.
In past years & due to problems encountered we were forced into exploring other methods.  As technology caught up we discovered there are now many sensors available to solve a plethora of vehicle detection issues.   RADAR, Laser, Induction, Ultrasonic, Photo-electric & CCTV trip wire systems are now at the  forefront of our vehicle detection system. 
We sometime use a combination of several to achieve results.

We now supply & install a wide range of sensors to suit any application. 
These can be used for asset protection safety devices through to activation sensors & pedestrian protection sensors. Contact us to discuss details or your specific vehicle detection requirements.

We Use Reliable, Trusted and Tested Brand Name Products

Further Information on Our Products and Services

Using the most up to date technologies, superior access control systems can enhance security and accessibility at your home or work place.

Access Control

Our company provides intelligent and robust networked access control systems that can be installed in new buildings or incorporated into existing systems in buildings. These scalable solutions can be used in gates, underground entrances, car parks and automated building doors. Aside from installation and maintenance, we also provide repair and maintenance services for access control systems. 

These boom gates create a secure checkpoint to this private property. Our boom gates can control traffic in a variety of scenarios including car parks and factories.

Boom Gates

At AAI, we supply and install a range of boom gates that can adapt to your unique width, opening speed and functionality requirements. Whether you want a basic low-cycle or fully programmable and advanced variable speed barrier, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is give us a call or fill in a contact form to make your request known to us and we’ll provide gate barrier solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Our versatile boom gates can be used on access points, parking areas, tolls and other special barrier points. Within our product selection, you’ll find boom barriers with beam lengths of up 8 metres and 100 percent duty cycle. Our technicians are meticulous when installing and/or repairing these automated barriers, something that assures you of superb functionality and increased durability. We service the whole of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

This picture displays the immaculate operation of our hire boom gates. Offering a solar power option, boom gate hire can great assist any temporary traffic control scenario.

Boom Gate Hire

If you are working on a site that’s busy or unsafe, hiring a portable boom gate can be one of the most effective ways of temporarily controlling traffic operations. The barrier in this case, is operated by a remote control and adopts the best safety and efficiency practices. When compared to stop/slow down methods, portable boom gates offer superior safety features largely because of their physical nature. Our portable gate barriers can be used in a range of applications including on construction sites, road works, motor racing events, mine sites and more. The barriers come with boom arm lengths of up to 4.5 m, auto close functionality, lifting handles and hand transmitters that can be operated from up to a range of 1km  When you hire a gate barrier from us, we’ll deliver it right to the site where you want to use it in any location in Australia.

This picture demonstrates a range of barriers we have available for a range of scenarios. Barriers are a great way to restrict access to people in shopping centres or entertainment complexes


One of the most effective ways of managing or directing the flow of people in a building is with the use of barriers. Turnstile barriers can make particularly great automated access control options for entrance and exit points.  

AAI supplies and installs high quality barriers that offer unimaginable space, elegance and operability. Our barrier solutions have been effectively applied in various retail outlets, entertainment complexes and office environments across Australia.  

Using elegant and robust designs, Australian Automation bollards are the perfect way to control vehicle access. Depending on your unique situation, you may choose to install fixed, retractable or removable bollards.


Bollards provide an effective way of controlling road traffic. If you are looking for bollards to install within or around your commercial premises, we have a range of options you can choose from. Whether you want a fixed, pivot, retractable, removable, u-rail or electric bollard, we can get you one with amazing security locking devices that will match your specific needs.   

Automatic gatesFrom not having to physically open and close your gate, to securely protecting your property by controlling entry and exits, an automatic gate is the perfect solution for many residential and commercial properties.

Gate Automation 

Automatic gates offer users many benefits. Aside from allowing you to control the entry and exit points on your property, an automatic gate provides you with the convenience of not having to physically open the gate when coming in or going out. Such a gate also offers a great deal of privacy and keeps unauthorized vehicles from accessing the property. An automatic swing door opener can change an ordinary gate into a programmed entryway. As experts in gate automation, we can supply, install, maintain and repair programmed gates with secure frameworks that assure customers of superb functionality. Our experts can work on swing, sliding and cantilever automatic gates made from steel, wrought iron and aluminium. 


Automatic sliding doors offer a range of benefits. From access control to ease of entry, our attractive designs and innovative technology ensures optimal functionality of your automatic door system.

 Automatic Doors

Automatic doors come with many advantages including safety, access control and optimised energy consumption (in air-conditioned areas). That’s why many commercial property owners  have installed automatic doors in almost every part of their buildings.  

At AAI we install, maintain and upgrade a number of automatic doors including automatic glass sliding doors, automatic swing doors, revolving doors and automatic telescopic doors. Our experts can also handle burglar proof entrance systems, automatic fire-resistant doors and automatic air-tight doors.  


CCTV surveillance systems can greatly enhance security at your home or commercial property. Whether you need a CCTV system for a shop, car park or factory, the benefits include crime prevention, monitoring activity and insurance savings.

CCTV systems

Having a CCTV system in your home or commercial property comes with many benefits. These include prevention of crime, monitoring employee or guest activities and increased savings on insurance premiums. The good thing with the latest CCTV surveillance systems is that you can monitor your home or business remotely from anywhere, at any time.

With unmatched expertise in CCTV systems, we can help you install high-quality and reliable CCTV systems for your home, retail shop, school, hotel, pub, factory, warehouse or even office. Our services also include upgrading analogue CCTV systems to full HD CCTV systems. If you ever need any CCTV maintenance and repairs, we can help with that too.  


Controllers are mechanical, electronic and electro-mechanical devices which form the foundation of automated systems. They receive and interpret inputs, and react according to their specific programming.

Controllers & Electronics

Controllers are mechanical, electronic or electro-mechanical devices that use input signals to oversee access to buildings, protected and gated areas. They receive voltage inputs from specific sources, analyze those inputs and then proceed to oversee the changes in condition or execution of an action.  As an industry leader in automation, we have expertise in many types of controls and controllers. Aside from access control systems, we can install industrial flow controllers, level controllers, pressure controllers, programmable logic controllers, universal processes/temperature controllers and more. For some automated systems to work, electronics may need to be integrated. As a company, we are capable of supplying electronics for automation systems in residential, commercial and industrial applications. There is literally no automated system electronics we can’t supply.  Just let us know your request and we’ll deliver the exact match for your monitoring or securing system.  


Programmable Logic controllers, or PLC's, are types of industrial digital computers. The are used to automate and control manufacturing procedures.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial automation control system that uses electronic operations to store procedures, functions of sequential control, timed counting as well as input and output control. At AAI, we have a team of experienced electricians and engineers that can perform PLC installations, maintenance and repairs with precision. 

We service many customers across Australia with a larger percentage of PLC end users coming from the automotive, mining, metallurgy, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas industries. There are also a sizable number of customers we service from the packaging and printing, waste and waste-water treatment industries.  



Sensors are important devices that detect and respond to process variables such as temperature, pressure and movement causing electrical signals to be sent to the control system for an appropriate action. AAI offers quality and reliable sensing solutions for applications such as machine automation, material handling, product inspection, process control as well as personnel safety.  


This picture shows a variety of transmitters and receivers available at Australian Automation Innovation. They can be used to control automatic garage doors, work site communications and wireless networking.

Transmitters and Receivers 

Transmitters and receivers play a very critical role in remote control, communications and wireless networking. In remote control, these devices can be incorporated in garage door openers, spacecraft and radar sets as well as navigational beacons. If you need any type of transmitters and receivers, we can gladly supply the devices to you based on your needs and requirements.