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When selecting automation for a specific requirement, be it domestic or industrial in nature, careful considerations must be made, particularly in the area of safety and functionality.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we have developed a simple six-stage process consisting of:

  1. Application and scope of works discussions
  2. Site meetings and inspections
  3. Specifying the correct product for the application
  4. Comprehensive detailed estimating
  5. Professional product installation
  6. Ongoing service and support

We offer this service for any need, from small assignments to large-scale projects. Over the years we have built networks and long lasting relationships with  professional contractors that have been involved with many of our projects. Trades ranging from:

  • Sales representatives
  • Fitters
  • Steel fabricators
  • Data specialists
  • CCTV specialists
  • PLC programmers
  • Electricians
  • Earthworks contractors
  • Underground service detection services
  • Concreters

Please contact us to discuss you next project needs. We look forward to working with you to provide the best solution for your requirements.

For inquiries about our automation products or services in Australia, call today on 0418758247
Australian automation innovation specialists consult and work with a variety of contractors effectively and efficiently. Some of the trades we partner with effectively include steel fabricators, electricians and data specialists for all of your automation systems needs.
Australian Automation Innovation continally assess our products for quality. We create innovative prototypes based on the latest automation research and product availability.
Effective colllaboroation with a variety of contractors is especially important for large automatic gates projects like this one.
These automated gates provide high security for this residence. With personalised access control, the owners can monitor access to suit their needs.

More Information on our Products and Services:

As Australia’s automation industry leader, AAI offer a full range of solutions that can meet your unique residential, commercial or industrial needs. Our services cover everything from access control, boom gates and bollards, through to CCTV systems and door automation.  

At Australian Automation Innovation, we believe any automation system should be agile, scale-able and highly secure. That’s why, with our deep and broad expertise, we seek to customise our automation products and services to perfectly match your specific outdoor or indoor needs.  

Product Supply 

Our company is a reliable supplier of all types of automation systems used in residential homes, commercial premises and industrial settings. Partnering and networking with expert steel fabricators, fitters, data specialists, PLC programmers, CCTV specialists, electricians and other specialists, we can deliver products that are not just high quality but also dependable.  

Some of the automation products we supply include simple and advanced access control systems, boom gates, barriers, bollards, boom gates for hire and automated security gates. Others include CCTV systems, controllers, electronics, automated doors, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), transmitters as well as transmitters and receivers.   

Automation System Installation

We install a range of automation systems for both residential and commercial clients. Some of our popular installation categories include:

Boom Gates, automatic doors, barriers and bollards

With a team of highly experienced technicians in place, there’s literally no automation system we can’t install. We can help you set up boom gates in Melbourne with countless cycles for trouble-free operations in places such as access points, tolls and parking. And if you prefer installing bollards to control traffic around your commercial premises, we can expertly help you install them. 

Automatic Gates

Our expert technicians can also install new automated gates or automate the existing manual gates to enhance the security around the entry point to your residential or commercial property. We have expertise installing swing or sliding gates as well as above-ground and hidden automation mechanisms.  

For automated gate control, you can choose to use a numeric pad, remote control fob, release button or intercom. Whatever option you settle for, we’ll ensure we configure the gate automation system to match all your security, convenience and aesthetic needs.  

Automatic Doors

If you want to limit access and enhance security in and around your commercial building, the best thing to do would be to introduce an automatic door system. As experts in automation, we can help you set any type of automatic doors including swing, sliding, telescopic or even revolving automatic doors.  

CCTV Systems

Our company has vast experience in installing CCTV systems in homes, businesses, public organisations and even warehouses. Ideally, our experts can set up any type of CCTV camera for you including dome, bullet, C-mount, day/night, infrared, network, wireless or a high-definition CCTV camera. The installation comes with all components, accessories and concepts needed for proper functionality and swift operation.  

Other Systems Components

For the main automated system to work optimally, there are additional components and accessories that you might need installed. Our technicians can, in that regard, help you acquire or install such components as controllers, electronics, PLCs, sensors and transmitters and receivers that go along with your given automated system.   

Maintenance and Repairs

For all the systems discussed above to function fully and without errors, they must be maintained periodically and repaired when necessary. Depending on the type of automation system you have in place, you can schedule maintenance as recommended.  Our team of experts is also capable of handling both minor and bigger system automation repairs for residential and commercial clients. In cases where you need emergency system repairs, our technicians will move with haste and fix the problem in time for you to get back to your normal business operations.  

Service Areas

Our automation services cover Melbourne and regional Victoria. Whilst we are Melbourne based, supply of goods is Australia wide and interstate installation work can also be arranged. Feel free to get in touch with us and request automation system installation, maintenance and repair services.  

Call or email to discuss your project needs and request a free quote. We are always eager to work with you to provide automation solutions that are durable and dependable.