This picture demonstrates a range of barriers we have available for a range of scenarios. Barriers are a great way to restrict access to people in shopping centres or entertainment complexes

Safety Barriers

Retractable Barriers
Expanding Barriers
Roll-out Barriers

High Quality Safety Reels
AK Reels

Retractable Safety Reels
Arbon Equipment
Spanguard Roll Mesh Barrier
Pratt Safety Systems
Expanding Barriers

AK Reels Retractable Safety Barrier

Create Instant Barricaded Areas with Retractable Barriers
* Hose reel type design
* Pivoting wall mount bracket
* 50mm Seat-belt type barrier material
* 15m Length Reels
* 25mm Length Reels
* Bollards & mounting Plates
* Colours: Yellow/Black, Red/White, Blue/White

Spanguard Roll-out Safety Barriers

Create barricaded areas with this unique roll-out barrier
* Span up 18.3 metres
* Curtain Height 915mm
* Barrier height (off the floor) 1220mm
* Stops up to 2273kg
* High Visability
* Tough Mesh Construction
* Can go round corner bollards

Pratt Safety Systems

Tough Aluminium Expanding Barriers
* Powder coated finish
* Wide 375mm feet for increased stability
* Set of 4 castor wheels included
* All steel construction for stability in all conditions
* 3.45 metre opened length. 400mm closed length
* 1005mm height
* 22.5kg weight