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Smartphone automation - PalGate access control systems

PalGate Access Control System.  Customised Systems to Suit your Application.

This Smartphone Automation system is an Innovative revolution in Access Control. Never use a Card, Keypad or Remote control again.
With this simple to use access control system, you can operate a single door or gate up to multiple doors & gates all from your mobile phone.

PalGate collection- specialised computer program and a variety of receivers allow you to control automated doors and gates with your mobile device.

PalGate – A Unique Innovation in Access Control.

A Breakthrough in controlling doors & gates via your mobile phone.
With the ability to be able to add devices, users & access previlages all via the web portal & your mobile phone. You have complete control.
This unique system also has capabilities for integrated RFID card access, Long range RFID capabilities & wirless vehicle detectors.

control various gates and doors with your smartphone using the PalGate system

How Does It Work?

The PalGate system works in 2 ways . 
* Over the 3G-4G Mobile  Network (with a SIM Card)
* Via Bluetooth (when your mobile device is in range)
Using the free Mobile Phone App you can then simply operate any device assined to you.
All Palgate Devices, Users & Access privilages are controlled by the Web-Portal.
The Palgate System can support up to 12,000 users & Unlimited amout of devices.

PalGate Products and Services

PalGate SG314GI-WR mobile phone access control

PalGate SG314GI-WR

* 1 Relay Output
* 1 Input
* Remote Control Capable
* 12-24vDC Input Voltage
* Full Web Portal Interface Control

PalGate SG303GA-WR Smartphone automation

PalGate SG303GA-WR

* 1 Relay Output
* Remote Control Capable
* 12-24vDC Input Voltage
* Full Web Portal Interface Control

PalGate SG303GB-WR with 2 relay output

PalGate SG303GB-WR

* 2 Relay Output
* Remote Control Capable
* 12-24vDC Input Voltage
* Full Web Portal Interface Control

PalGate Bluetooth Lite & Pro Smart Phone Access Control

PalGate Bluetooth Lite & Pro

* 1 Relay Output
* 12-24vDC Input Voltage
* Full Web Portal Interface Control

PalGate Wireless Vehicle Detector. Boom gate automation and access control

PalGate Wirless Vehicle Detector

* Battery operated (5-7 years battery life)
* Unique ID ( serial number) for each unit
* ​Full control from web interface 
* ​Working range: 15 meters
 * ​Pairing with PAL electronics WR series systems

PalGate Long Range RFID Access Control

PalGate Long Range RFID Access Control

Long range RFID System Complete kit includes
* 1 Palgate GSM Controler
* 1 Palgate Long Range Antenna
* 24vDC Power Module
* Antenna to Controller Cables

PalGate Poly-4 Remote Control Hand Sets

PalGate Poly-4 Remote Control Hand Sets

* 4 Button Hand Transmitters
* 433 Mhz (128 bit encryption)
* For use with Palgate -WR SeriesControllers

PalGate Long Range RFID Window Label

PalGate Long Range RFID Window Label

* Read range Approx 15 metres

More information about Smartphone Automation and Access Control Systems

Security features of a PalGate Access Control System

A PalGate Access Control System offers innovative security features that are groundbreaking in the automation industry since it’s the only system that can be fitted with a long-range RFID, wireless ground loop, GSM control, Bluetooth and smart remote devices. This means you have full control over various security checkpoints in your property using just your mobile phone.

This access control system is also controlled via an encrypted app or cloud application, which means it is highly secured from many tampering or unwarranted access. It is also easy to set up because you only need to install a free software on your mobile device, and you can readily access and control various gates and access points in your property.

 In fact, the PalGate system will allow you to control and remotely access the following:

  • Car parking lots
  • Boom gates, garage doors and electric gates
  • Lobby entrances and electric bollards
  • Remote control light switching in various locations
  • Electric blinds and awnings
  • Warehouse screens and roller doors

How does PalGate work?

PalGate can be integrated with any type of roller door, boom gate or anything that has an electric latch and motor. Although installing the system is an intricate process and will require a qualified and professional automation technician, and we at Australian Automation Innovation have a team of highly skilled technicians who can help you upgrade your current security system.

We can also assure you that getting the PalGate Access Control System is a wise decision because it will eliminate the need for those expensive remote controls and gives you the capability to know who is gaining access to a particular checkpoint in your property.

So, if you want to upgrade to the new PalGate system, then you will need to download a free application into your mobile device, and this will serve as your primary remote control and overall dashboard where you can do various tasks like opening or closing gates, barriers and garage doors via your mobile phone, and you can do this even if you’re in another location.

The PalGate app will also allow you to do the following tasks:

  • Give or revoke user access using the cloud interface.
  • Control any gate in your property and track the activity per access point.
  • You can also track the activities on an access point by downloading the gate history.
  • Most importantly, you can easily provide encrypted remote access to new users.

Another neat feature of the new PalGate system is its connectivity, since it will work on both 3G and 4G mobile network. However, you will need a dedicated system to take advantage of this feature. The user interface can also be accessed via Bluetooth, but you need to be in range for this to work.

Lastly, this new automation system will provide you the capability to provide access privileges to up to 12,000 users and on unlimited number of devices. So, if you’re interested and learning more about the PalGate automation system, then we urge you to get in touch with Australian Automation Innovation at your most convenient time.