Boom Barrier Service and Maintenance

These boom gates create a secure checkpoint to this private property. Our boom gates can control traffic in a variety of scenarios including car parks and factories.

Maintenance Needs

Boom gates are sophisticated automation systems, but there are times it may encounter several issues requiring boom gate repairs, including:

  • a faulty electronic control panel
  • busted LED lights
  • padlock fixing points not operating properly

When you encounter these problems, you’ll need the help of qualified and highly trained technicians who can accurately and effectively take on any boom gate repair job. You cannot ignore these issues because it will lead to more costly repairs or you may even be obliged to replace damaged parts in the long run.

That is why we recommend that you immediately get in touch with an automation specialist who has the knowledge and expertise to maintain these devices. It is more cost-effective to run preventive maintenance than conducting full extensive repairs on your boom gates.

Australian Automation Services

When you need boom gate repairs you need a maintenance specialist. And there’s only one name you can trust – Australian Automation Innovation. We are experts in boom gates and automated accessories installation and maintenance. In fact, we have 3 decades of combined experience in this field that we can guarantee our clients of nothing but superior quality automation services and products.

We are also capable of servicing several major cities and rural areas in Australia such as Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane. We have a full team of electricians, technicians, data and access controllers who can seamlessly complete any type of boom gate and barrier installation job. So, when you hire us for any of your automation projects, you will have a full roster of specialists on your side that will guide you through the whole process.

On top of that, our boom gates maintenance and repair services are reasonably priced. Also, we can also guarantee that we will deliver nothing but exceptional results that will exceed your expectations.

More information about our Products and Services

Australian Automation Innovation is the leading provider of automated systems and low-cost technologies that are now being used to secure commercial, industrial, and private properties. These automation systems are essential when monitoring people, vehicles and securing the property from unlawful intrusion.

In fact, this technology is invaluable to various commercial properties that require restricted access to some of their important facilities. For this purpose, we offer a team of highly skilled technicians who can install boom gates, boom barriers, and other door automation systems anywhere in your property.

When you hire us for any of your projects, you can be sure that you’re dealing with the right people in this field. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we have partnered with reputable products manufacturers that can provide high-quality products and services that last.

The benefits of having a boom gate

Boom gates are invaluable security assets that can effectively block suspicious pedestrians or unidentified vehicles from entering commercial premises. So, whether you’re running a resort, shopping mall, hotel, apartment complex, or office building, you will need this automation system to have complete access control of your premises.

Having boom gates in your property will help you save on security costs since you longer need to hire security personnel who will man each checkpoint in your premises. You’ll also have better traffic control over vehicles that are coming in and out of your parking area, and this can improve the privacy of your clients who are currently using your facilities.

Most importantly, it is a long-lasting solution against security threats and keeping the safety and well-being of both your employees and clients who are currently inside your property.

Here is a list of the types of boom gates we offer, their specifications and intended uses:

FAAC B680H Boom Gate / Barrier

  • 3-8 metres in length
  • Hydraulic technology
  • Heavy-duty hi frequency use
  • 24b DC power tank,
  • 6 programmable outputs
  • 2 integrated loop detectors
  • Intended uses – car parks and toll ways

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Genius 524 Barrier

  • Beam length between 2 and 5 meters
  • Heavy-duty hi frequency use
  • Reliable and consistent use in high-traffic areas.
  • Removable 24v DC power pack
  • 100% duty cycle and a kit
  • Optimal integrated LED traffic light
  • articulated beams
  • 4 to 8 cycle times
  • Intended uses -Garage entry/ exits, parking lots and industrial zones.

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This picture shows off the sleek and innovative design of the Genius 724 Boom Gate / Barrier.

Genius 724 Boom Gate

  • Maximum beam length of 7 meters
  •  7 to 11 seconds cycle times
  • Heavy duty use
  • 24v removable power pack
  • Integrated traffic lights
  • Applications – parking lots, industrial zones and garage entrances and exits.
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With maximum beam lengths of 6 metres, the Tousek Boom Gate / Barrier is designed for heavy duty traffic applications.

Tousek Boom Gate

  • Heavy-duty applications
  • Maximum boom length of 6 metres
  • 240vDC electro-mechanical drive system
  • Tousek Boom can be used in toll ways, commercial property entries as well as construction sites.
The Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate / Barrier has a heavy duty construction and is designed for medium duty traffic applications. The maximum beam length is 6 metres and you can choose to have this boom gate professionally installed

 Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate

  • 4-meter long gate comes
  • High-quality automatic barrier design
  • High intensity applications
  • 24v DC low-voltage electromechanical drive system
  • Optimal articulated beams
  • optimal folding skirts, the Stagnoli Daphne
  • Ideal for office car park entries and apartment buildings.

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The FAAC 614 Series Boom Gate / Barrier is designed for light commercial applications. you can choose between round and rectangular beams and other optional accessories like LED kits.

FAAC 614 Series Boom Gate

  •  5-meter heavy duty boom barrier
  • Option of round or rectangular beams
  • 24vDC electromechanical system
  • 100 percent duty cycle that allows for continuous operation
  • Integrated decoder
  • Offers maximum anti-crushing safety
  • Light applications in both residential and commercial properties.

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The FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate / Barrier has a 240vAC hydraulic drive system and optional articulated beams. This sleek design can be used for medium traffic applications.

FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate

  • Standard hydraulic boom barrier
  • Light to medium traffic applications. 
  • Maximum of 5 meter beam length
  • 70 percent duty cycle
  • 240v AC hydraulic drive or locking system
  • Perfect for use in residential garage entrance or commercial car park.

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The Genius Spin Series Boom Gate / Barrier

Genius Spin Series Boom

  • Beam length of up to 5 metres
  • 240vAC eletro-mechanical limit switches
  • Heavy duty gate barrier I
  • Ideal for medium traffic applications
  • The barrier boasts 70 percent duty cycle
  • Optimal articulated beams
  • Optimal accessories LED kits

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