Access Control Melbourne

Using the most up to date technologies, superior access control systems can enhance security and accessibility at your home or work place.

Scalable Versatile Access Control Systems

Australian Automation Innovation is a locally owned and operated company that provide affordable, high-quality and dependable access control and automation solutions throughout Melbourne, as well as the whole of Victoria. With over 30 years of experience in the automation and access control industry, you can be sure that you’re dealing with security automation specialists who can deliver genuine value to its clients.

We also pride ourselves to have a team of qualified and highly trained technicians who can professionally install, maintain and repair access control units. We offer our services to various types of customers from industrial, commercial all the way to residential.

Smartphone automation - PalGate access control systems

Mobile Phone App Controlled
Access Control Systems

Never use a keypad or Remote Again. With this unique expandable system you can control a single garage door or multiple gates & doors via your mobile Phone. 

Our card reader systems offer scalable access control systems controlling up to 500 doors and 60000 users. Our systems are inclusive of software, programmed fobs and cards and all system components.

Card Reader Systems

Scalabe Networked Access Control Systems Up to 500 Doors & 60,000 users. Controlled by Axtrax NG Software.
* Systems & Components
* Proximity Cards & Fobs
* Software 

Proximity Readers, Cards & Fobs

* Standard & slimline proximity readers
* Stainless steel anti vandal proximity readers
* Combined Keypad & Proximity readers
* Long range proximity readers (12m range)
* Standard plastic proximity cards & Fobs

A popular access control option, keypads remove the need to issue multiple cards or fobs to authorized users. With wireless options available, as well as pietzo touch keypads, we have an option to suit your requirements.

Keypads & Wireless Keypads

* Standard & slimline keypads
* Stainless steel anti vandal proximity readers
* Stand alone & Data keypads
* Back lit Keys
* Pietzo touch keypads

Push button access control is a fundamental component of a variety of access control systems. Likewise, no touch sensors can be extremely beneficial to a range of businesses, as well as commercial applications.

Push Buttons & No-Touch Sensors

* Standard & slimline push buttons
* Stainless steel push buttons
* Pietzo touch buttons
* No-Touch back lit sensors

Access Control Solutions by AAI

These automated gates provide high security for this residence. With personalised access control, the owners can monitor access to suit their needs.

What is access control and why is it needed?

The most effective way of protecting residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Melbourne is to install access control devices. It’s one of the best solutions to protect your assets, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is always protected.

Access control systems are also cost-effective because they limit the need for additional personnel and keys. In fact, many business owners in Australia have already improved their security protocols by installing access control devices in several essential checkpoints within their property.

Different uses of access control systems and how they benefit the organisation/home owner

They main reason why access control units are installed in various types of properties is to restrict access to some important areas within a residential, industrial and commercial building.

Access control units can also protect vital equipment like data servers and confidential documents (financials, payroll, and legal docs) from any illegal access. Usually, this equipment and documents are stored in a room secured by these devices.

In addition, it is also an efficient way of controlling how long and what times your employees and guests are allowed to enter or exit your facility. And these devices will automatically alarm if it detected any forced entry or allow a checkpoint to remain open for certain types of emergencies.

Overall, these automation systems can help secure the well-being of your employees and guests who are currently in a checkpoint when an emergency occurs.

Access control options offered by Australian Automation

  • Mobile Phone App Controlled Access Control Systems

This is a unique and expandable system that you can control using your mobile phone and it is usually installed on a single garage door or multiple gates of a residential property.

  • Card Reader Systems

This is a comprehensive and networked access control systems that can handle up to 500 doors and 60,000 users. These systems usually use proximity cards, Fobs, and software to run properly.

  • Proximity Readers, Cards and Fobs

There are different types of proximity readers, cards and Fobs and they are usually tied up by software to the main card reader system.

  • Keypads and Wireless Keypads

There are various types of keypads ranging from slimline, stand-alone, backlit keys and Pietzo touch keypads.

  • Push buttons and No-Touch Sensors

When it comes to push buttons, there are standard and slimline, stainless steel, Pietzo touch buttons and a no-touch backlit sensor.

Why choose Australian Automation Innovations for your Access Control Melbourne Needs?

If you are looking to secure your property using dependable and high-quality access control systems, look no further. Australian Automation Innovation is your best option, and we can assure you that we will provide excellent service at a fair and affordable price.

Whether you need an access control unit that has FOB access, card swipe door lock, card access – we have the best solution for you. Boom gates, Automatic doors or automatic gate systems can all be improved with our access control technologies.

We also believe that automation systems should be agile, scalable, and highly secured. Our team of professional technicians has the expertise and experience in installing automation system. They can also customize these automation devices based on your specific outdoor and indoor security needs.

So, you can provide us your specifications, and we will customize our automation products to suit your specific requirements.

Our automation services can cover all major cities across Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, and Brisbane. We also cover regional areas. If you are living within these areas, you can call us any time, and we will handle any of your access control automation system repair and installation needs.

Call us today to get a FREE quote or to learn more about our products and services.